The toolbox I use

(How do I use it?)

Digital Strategy

How do the digital touchpoints drive towards short and long term business goals? A digital strategy with measurable objectives is an invaluable tool to keep digital projects and the rest of the business aligned.

Problem Identification

A good product starts solves a real problem that exists for real people. Talk to them. It's so simple, yet so overlooked - and critically important.

Prototype Sprints

The cheapest way to fail and learn is to do it fast and early. I have a wealth of experience with prototyping sprints that are tested on real users and optimized before big budgets are sunk into development.

Product Roadmaps

As important as the Digital Strategy is for the business, so it the Roadmap for the product. Breaking the product vision into manageable user stories and continuously designing, testing, deploying.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Great products are built by skilled teams working together. Working as the connective tissue between business, designers and developers is one of my core strenghts.

Leadership and Empathy

An innovative environment needs team members and leaders to demonstrate empathy and room for different views. Solving problems creatively using less ego and more collaborative design thinking methodologies forms the foundation of exceptional creative teams.

How can I help you?

The Ultra-Short Resume

From January 2021 returning to consulting and new opportunities.

Two years at Array of Stars.

Three years as digital entrepreneur and consultant.

Four years at Designit.

MSc. Marketing
Copenhagen Business School / Schulich School of Business

Made in Denmark - Based in Canada

Strategic Design Lead / Product Lead
If you already have a buzzing digital team and projects/products launched or in the pipeline.

Digital Strategy Consultant: Strategy, Ideation, Concept Development and Project Ramp Up
If you do not have a buzzing digital team but need to ramp up or launch sooner than later.

Facilitation and Stakeholder Management
If you have no idea but need to move forward, facilitated work sessions using design methodologies can bring you from frustration to tangible output very fast. Yes, there are Post Its. No, it will not be a fluffy word exercise.

I have worked on digital projects ranging from multinational business transformation to medium sized companies, investment backed startups and bootstrapped/founder led startups.

Industries I have worked in: medico, telco, fintech, consumer products, information technology, cannabis (in Canada)

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